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networked wireless hotel lock (L517W)

517W Wireless Online Lock--- the Advanced Network Hotel Lock System

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L517/527W Wireless Online Lock is an advanced product which is designed for large hotel and office building, inherits all advantages of networked lock, work out the troublesome of networked lock cabling, making it easier to build up wireless lock network. 

The basic feature and networked feature coincide with other networked lock ( TCP/IP,

RS485): through front desk, manager can download data to wireless lock, remotely control locks, real time monitor the lock status; when open the door PC can instantly receive the unlocking records, etc.

1. Easy to get power supplylock uses 4 AA alkaline battery to get power, no need anyexternal connection wire, easy to install.


Communicate, locks on each floor communicate with center node. Each floor just needs one

center node to communicate with computer by TCP/IP protocol.

2. Real time monitoring all rooms, automatically upload unlocking events and show logs(even though PC is

offline), collect lock events at any moment (including card type, date, user name)

3.Center control to open the door, remotely unlock and unlock by card, show the records in computer



4. Multi users with different rights, 5,000 users + 10,000 events, flash saves events, can carry out that multicard

unlock a door and multi-door are unlocked by only one card.


5. In case of emergency, control all locks in unlocking or locking status by computer.


6.Guest records and issued cards records search and printable

7. Based on TCP/IP technology but no limit to quantity in one LAN (project).


8. Free combination of rooms/time table in 1 card, Passage mode for meeting case.


9. Operation grade edit fully by yourself, allows the supervisor to edit different level operators which have the

different rights of operating certain menu or button.


10.Camera function. Field take photo for the staff and guest, add the photo to issue card.


11.Statistics Center. Inquiry the current room occupancy rate/different type of room occupancy rate and VIP guest.


12. Refresh Card. Allows to modify a cards info such as invalid period, building No., instead of re-issue it.

Materials: stainless steel


color: silver/golden


Surface treatment: Stainless steel wire drawing +ABS plastic


Mortise: ANSI 5 Latch, P2S P2L


Card capacity: 150; cards: mifare


Frequency: 2.4G (Zigbee), wireless


Battery: 4 AA 1.5V alkaline battery

Materials Stainless steel
Surface Treatment Stainless steel wire drawing + ABS plastic
Color Silver (Golden Optional)
Mortise ANSI 5 Latch, P2S P2L
Card type ISO14443 TYPE A(Mifare‐1 S50,S70), 13.56MHz
Way of checking card Electromagnetic induction
Read distance MAX 5CM
Card Capacity 150 cards
Record Capacity 250 records
Battery 4 AA 1.5V Alkaline battery
Working Current <300mA
Standby average current <82uA
Low Voltage Alarm 4.8V
Communication Tech. 2.4G Zigbee
Communication Distance(Radius) Max 30 m in empty space (8cm aerial ) 
Communication Power Receive 27mA; transmit 25mA
Dimension 305*78*28 (mm)
Work Temperature ‐10~60℃
Work Humidity 15~85%RH

For wireless hotel lock system, it include:


wireless lock + wireless station + USB encoder + keycard + software + energy saving switch(optional)


For our wireless lock, it's 2.4G Zigbee based technology, support remote monitor, download/upload data real time, open door remotely... It's our advanced locks. No need to lay cable, easier and more convenient!

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