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RFID Networked Key Card Door Lock (L918-TCP)

L918-TCP --- the Advanced TCP/IP Based Networked Hotel Lock System

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L918-TCP Networked hotel lock is a new advanced technology. All locks and computers (server and client) are in a LAN, computers can monitor and control all locks status and remote unlock all locks; Locks save all records of reading card and unlocking, these records can be collected by computers at any moment. Some cards’functions are replaced by computer operation, to some extent, it may help to reduces cost, but it is more efficient and safer.

1. Real time monitoring all rooms,collecting lock events and the type of unlocking card by computer at any moment.
2. Powered by POE(Power over ethernet) power adapter and internal battery, auto switch when external power supply stops .
3. Center control to open the door, remote unlock and card unlock, show the records in computer simultaneously.
4. Multi users with different rights , 5,000 users + 10,000 events per lock, flash saves events, can achieve multi-card to a door and multi-door in a card.
5. In case of emergency, control all locks in unlocking or locking status through computer.
6. Guest records and Card issued records search and print able
7. Based on TCP/IP technology but no limit to quantity in one LAN (project).
8. Free combination of rooms/time table in 1 card, Passage mode for meeting case.
9. Over current protection, Low Battery Voltage warning(beep and red light).
This is not only a software suit for hotels but also useful to office, apartment, school and government.

*Real time monitor all rooms unlocking and status. 

*Powered by POE (Power over Ethernet) power adapter and backup battery, automatically switch to backup battery

if external power is cut off.

*5,000 users + 10,000 events per lock, flash save events.

*1800mAh battery gives 20 hours life after power off

*Over current protection

*Remotely unlock and key card unlock 

*In case of emergency, control all locks in unlocking or locking status by computer.

*Based on TCP/IP technology and No limit to quantity in one LAN (project)

*Free combination of rooms/time table in 1 card

*Low Battery Voltage warning (beep and red light)

*Passage mode for meeting case

*Hotel lock system (free) required

*40mm to 50mm thickness door (other thickness customized)

Power: LR6 (AA)battery x 4pcs

Low power alarm voltage: 4.8V

Communication: 13.56MHz RFID (with keycard)/infrared (with Handheld).

Card support: MF1  S50 plus S70

Working Distance: 45mm Max

Working Temperature: 0-60 Degrees Celsius

Working Humidity: 15~85%RH

Static current: < 30uA

Working current: < 150mA

Memory: 800 Transactions include Time/Date/Card ID/Card type/Room ID

Gross Weight: 3.1KG

Content: Front/Back panel,mortise,cylinder,keyx2,battery-pack,manual/Strike (no battery included, no card)

For Networked hotel lock system, it include:
TCP/IP networkd lock + USB encoder + keycard + POE power adaptor + door loop + software + energy saving switch(optional)
TCP/IP network hotel lock is our advanced lock system, it supports remote monitor, download/ upload data real time, open door remotely... 

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