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Shear Lock(SL-2400)

SL-2400 is a kind of shearing lock. by using the principle of electromagnetic force to attract the armature plate, and then stuck the two fixed legs inside the holes on the armature plate. With combination of the power of electromagnetic force and holding force of the fixed legs, the shear lock can create a very large shearing force.

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For double swing doors
Suitable for 90 or 180 degrees double swing doors 

Relock function
When the lock is unlocked, it will lock the door automatically according to the program.

Smart circuit design
With time delay function, door signal output and lock signal output

All-metal lock body
With integral profiles and precise work, this lock is stronger and more durable.

Ultra durable electromagnetic design
Professional and durable electromagnetic design with over 500,000 times qualified test.

One-piece and small size
One-piece design and small size, which will be easy to install to any kinds of door frame

With both magnetic and latch design
By using electromagnetic force and latch design, the holding force of this shearing lock can achieve up to 1200kg

Armature plate with guide groove
With guide grooves at both sides of the armature plate

Door/lock status sensor 
A set of NO/COM door signal output contact and a set of NO/NC/COM lock signal output contact 

Product Parameter Parameter Description
Lock Size 182L X 30W X 25D(mm)
Armature Plate 182L X 30W X 23.6D(mm)
Power supply DC 12V (24V need order)
Operation Current 850mA
Holding Current 400mA
Delay Time 0/5/10/15sec.
Door status sensor NO/COM(0.1A@30VDC)
Lock status sensor NC/NO/COM(0.1A@30VDC)
Holding Force 2600Lbs(1200kg)
Magnetic distance(max.) 3mm
LED Red shows locked; Green shows unlocked
Weight 1.2kg

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